June 8-20, 2017, I will be headed back to Accra, Ghana for my 3rd Foreign Mission Trip with the Global Empowerment Network. With the help and support of people like you I’ve been able to provide powerful ministry to the people we’ve encountered in Accra and Kumasi.

When I returned from my first trip in 2015 my heart was stirred to do more. Nyame Bekyere Christian School (NBCS), an independent Christian School in the rural village of Nyame Bekyere,  had no textbooks for the students. With your tremendous support I was able to raise the funds to supply the school with books. This changed the culture of learning for this village school and has had have a tremendous impact on the kids of that village.

Prior to my second trip  in 2016 I reached out to you for your support again and many of you helped me purchase much needed desks and chairs for the school. With your support we were able to provide adequate seating for the growing school. Also, during that trip I was able to provide computer training for the teachers at the school. Most of them had never worked on a computer before.

Upon returning from my 2nd trip I accepted the invitation to serve as an Advisory Board member for NBCS. Since that time I’ve served with this board to provide leadership and direction for the school and for its staff.

On my third trip I will be returning to NBCS to work with the students and the teachers. The Advisory Board is evaluating a great opportunity that could stabilize funding for the school and provide tremendous development opportunities for the instructors. With your help I also plan to purchase much needed school supplies and additional books. During this trip I will also be returning to Christ Orphanage in Accra to minister to the children there. I’ll also be providing Servant Leadership Training for young ministers and pastors in the Accra region as well as preaching and teaching at churches in Accra and Kumasi.

Here is where you can get involved:

1. Please PRAY for me. As Apostle Paul said in Philippians 1:19, through your prayer and the supply of the Holy Spirit, God is going to do something amazing and the enemy will once again be defeated. We know that the effectual, fervent prayer of righteous people makes a huge impact!

2. Please SEND me. As this is a mission trip, I am responsible for covering the expenses. The cost of this Missions Trip totals $3000 (airfare, room & board, food and supplies for the school). My family is committed to the journey. But if you help us it would take a HUGE weight from our shoulders. Your contribution, large or small, will be seed sown into God’s kingdom. I wholeheartedly believe that God will bless you tremendously.

Here in America we have been blessed with so many things that sometimes it alludes us just how blessed we are. But my heart aches for those in Ghana and other parts of the world who struggle to simply survive – even more so to acquire an education. I really want to be a blessing to them just like I am a blessing at my home church every week. If you would PRAY for me and SEND me we will take this trip together and be the hands and feet of Jesus in Ghana. Will you help me?

Please make your donation by May 1st using my GiveSendGo page. If you’d prefer, you are welcome to send your donation via check or money order payable to:

Hayah Enterprises, 1409 Oak Knoll Court, Virginia Beach, VA 23464

Thank you in advance for your support.