Gotta Leave It Here

Lately, I’ve been convicted about the long list of unfinished song ideas and partially completed compositions I’m carrying around.

What would happen if I pass away this weekend in a car accident? What would happen if I’m suddenly afflicted with some debilitating condition? What would happen to these messages in music that were impregnated in me but haven’t come to birth?

Nobody would be able to feel what I felt when the inspiration came to me. No one else would be able to see the vision as I saw it for each song. The incubating fetuses of music would die in my songwriting womb.

The conviction I feel is to finish writing the music that is already in me. I’ve got to make time to write these songs. I’ve started by carving out a few hours each month for songwriting. The challenge now is exercising the discipline of actually using those hours for that purpose.

There is a good chance that I will not be a millionaire or billionaire and leave a financial fortune in the earth. There is a good chance that I will not be a best-selling novelist and leave books behind that will be read for centuries. There is a good chance that I will not find the cure nor prevention for cancer and leave the world free of that horrible disease.

But there is a great chance that I can leave music here that will cause people to examine their lifestyle, increase their faith, grow in their worship of Christ, and draw closer to God our Father. I’ve gotta leave this music here. I can’t take all of this into the grave with me. People need to feel what is in my heart.

It just might change theirs.