Life As A Worship Leader

Leaving it all on the pulpit…

There are those wonderful Sunday mornings when you wake up and the birds are all singing in tune, your body feels like it got plenty of sleep, your voice warms up perfectly and gives you the good clean notes you like and everything in you says “LET’S WORSHIP THE KING!”

But most Sunday’s for me don’t go that smoothly. Often I’m challenged to offer a SACRIFICE of praise myself as I lead God’s people into His presence. Some days I have to push past my body. Other days I have to corral my attitude and push pass my circumstances. There are even days when I feel like I sound horrible because my voice doesn’t want to cooperate.

Can you imagine how Jesus felt in the Garden of Gethsemane right before offering the ultimate sacrifice of WORSHIP on Calvary. I’m sure he had to fight through some things too. But at the end of the day (literally and figuratively) he left it all on the cross-shaped altar.

Considering the sacrifice of my Savior motivates me on my difficult Sundays to go forth and leave it all on the altar that we now call the pulpit. And when I leave the sanctuary completely exhausted and depleted I feel satisfied that I withheld NOTHING but offered my all in worship and service to my King.

And sometimes I can even feel Him smile as I take a Sunday afternoon nap. 🙂