A Worship Leader’s Perspective – Vol. 5

Sometimes Less Is More!

You hear that saying in marketing but sometimes it applies to the flow of worship. I believe that God knows what He wants to do far in advance. I mean…when you think about it, He is the ultimate advance planner. He sets things in motion years before an incident is suppose to happen. So, of course He knows what songs you should sing for a worship service. That’s the doctrine to which I ascribe for putting together a worship set.

But sometimes after you’ve gotten before The Lord and, with His guidance, put together your worship set, He seizes control of the service much differently than you expect.

After God wrecks the place, you can find yourself left with a few options:

  1. Finish the songs that you were led to put in your set
  2. Stop right there and let whoever is supposed to lead the rest of the service take over
  3. Sing something to seal and celebrate what God just did

It is my experience that the first option is a really bad idea. You usually take more away by going beyond where the glory of God has fallen. If you feel God still moving right there and the person following you (perhaps your pastor) is someone who knows how to flow with the Spirit then give up the mic. If you happen to be the one closing the service then you may want to stay in that same flow until you sense the cloud lifting. Then you can move toward that sealing and celebration of what God just did.

Doing too much can cause people to lose what God just poured out. As I used to hear Bishop Barbara M. Amos say, “when you see the runway, land the plane.”