A Worship Leader’s Perspective – Vol. 4

Don’t make Sunday mornings so hard!

That’s something I have to tell myself sometimes. When I put a song set together I usually have a vision in mind for how the service should flow. I have a desired result in mind. I want to see God’s glory manifested and God’s people engulfed in His presence. I want to see people worshipping with conviction and reckless abandon.

The problem is that sometimes I work too hard on Sundays to MAKE that happen. I start multi-tasking in my head – making sure the tempo is right, keeping the band on point, listening for harmonies to make sure the singers are in perfect pitch, analyzing the audience to make sure they are engaged, and watching the clock to make sure we stay within the desired time construct.

Sunday, I caught myself in that quicksand. And I remembered that each time I get caught up in all of that… I NEVER reach that place where the worship flows freely. So, I stopped. I remembered these important points:

  • We did rehearse effectively. I had already prepared the band and singers to do their best.
  • My worship team is gifted and talented. I don’t have to micro-manage them. They know how to sing and play.
  • My main job is to worship – not manage worship. If I do the work before Sunday then I can just worship on Sunday.

When I stopped tripping and started worshipping then a great praise broke out in the room. And the interesting thing is that a brother that I’ve never seen dance in worship began to skip across the floor. When he did, the congregation erupted and God took over.