A Worship Leader’s Perspective – Vol. 3


Many times I’ve witnessed worship teams use multiple leaders to lead worship in a service. I’ll have to admit that I didn’t like it. Probably because most of the time it felt like when one person finished their song it was the next person’s turn to sing THEIR song. The songs weren’t really connected so the leaders didn’t seem connected.

But a few years ago we started using this approach for our Easter and Watch Night services. And I’m SOLD!! While it’s not something that we can do each Sunday because of the way we are designed, I love when we get to do it on special days like last Sunday.

The keys to our success in ensuring that it is all connected and not disjointed are:

  1. Design a set that flows together perfectly
  2. Design transition points that are somewhat hidden in the set so that it’s not so noticeable when another person begins to lead
  3. Put each leader where they are strongest. Some of us are excellent at opening the service, others at taking you to the face of God, and others at wrapping it all up in a perfect bow
  4. Teach the leaders to be selfless so that personality isn’t seen nearly as much as the Holy Spirit. That way the SAME SPIRIT will be leading the entire service

My church’s worship team demonstrated this perfectly on Sunday. I LOVE leading worship with them.