Knowing Your Role In God’s Scheme

Let me open this post by saying that there is a difference between being ANOINTED and being HOLY. Being anointed allows you to be used by God. Being holy gets you into heaven. You can be anointed without being holy. And you can go to HELL while being anointed.

As a musician and a facilitator of Gospel/Christian music I have the opportunity to work with a lot of people. There are so many wonderful things about the Gospel/Christian music industry. There are so many wonderful things about music ministry. We have so many talented people that God uses in this area of the body of Christ. I could spend several paragraphs on testimonies and accolades for music ministry.

However, this entry is of a different tone and texture.

There was a time when God was a lot less tolerant of sin. Priests that went into the temple who were not sanctified were slain in the temple. Persons that served in music ministry in the tabernacle or the temple of the Old Testament had to be sanctified before they entered service. If God found sin in them they would be slain. And God was the one doing the killing. This caused people to attempt to live holy lives based on fear and reverence. This kept them alive but was not conducive to a thriving relationship between them and God.

So, God changed things. With the sacrifice of Christ, our final lamb, we not longer have to face the penalty of sin. People aren’t slain if they enter Christian service with sin in their lives. God doesn’t want us to live holy because we are afraid to die. He wants us to live holy because we love Him so much that we don’t want to hurt His heart.

This opens the door to a lot of shadiness. Since God isn’t killing folks, churches are excusing folks. Churches are extremely passive about the open and public sins of persons in the pulpit and in the choir stand. Musicians, preachers and singers can get drunk, “shack up” (that’s what we called it back in the day. Now it’s so common that there is no real name for it), be flamboyantly gay, curse, lie, cheat on their spouses, and exemplify no real conviction (except when it enhances their performance) and the church just looks the other way. What in the world are we doing?!! And we wonder why there is no POWER in the church today. It’s because we have so much sin in the camp and no body is saying anything.

Saul was king of Israel. But he sinned and the presence of the Lord had departed from him. Still, everyone gave him respect because he was still anointed. Samson was a judge of Israel who was feared and admired. But, because of his hedonism, the presence of the Lord departed from him and he did not know it. He still knew how to shake. And when he shook, everyone got excited because they knew something awesome was about to happen. But there came that day when Samson’s shake had no power. Still, after being blinded by his adversaries, God used him once more to kill thousands. There was a pharaoh whose heart God hardened so that He could perform all twelve plagues against Egypt. I don’t think the pharaoh went to Heaven. There was an evil spirit sent from God to torment King Saul. I don’t think that evil spirit went to Heaven. There was a donkey used to keep Balaam from being killed by an angel. I don’t think the donkey went to Heaven. There was a rooster used to announce Peter’s denial of Christ. I don’t think the rooster went to Heaven. Do you get my point? The fact that God chooses to use you doesn’t mean that you are going to Heaven. It means that you are anointed for that moment and purpose. Don’t get it twisted.

And for those that say, “Well, I gave my life to God so the blood of Jesus covers all my sins,” tell me what kind of relationship do you have with God? There are several people that come to a service and walk up to the altar and say that they are giving their lives to God but their lives never change. The true evidence of salvation is the demonstration of Christ in the life of the believer. If your life isn’t demonstrating Jesus, if you are not being conformed to the image of the Son of God, then are you really saved?

To my fellow Christians, the New Testament epistles teach us that the church is responsible for holding each other accountable to holy living. When we see someone living an ungodly life we should approach that brother or sister with the love of Jesus and find a way to motivate him or her to live holy. We need to stop the practice of being mute. We are our brother’s keeper. God is holding us responsible.

When I was much younger I joined a church under a powerful preacher. He was an amazingly anointed man of God. Over the course of the years I spent under his ministry I watched him become trapped by his weaknesses. I watched in silence as he abused alcohol. I watched in silence as my married pastor practiced promiscuity with women in the church. My silence gave consent and my consent became acceptance and my acceptance eventually became participation. I found myself doing all the things my pastor was doing. As you could imagine, that church started dying and several lives were severely damaged and souls were lost. Eventually, God delivered me and pulled me away from that ministry. I don’t know if that pastor ever got back on track. And I often wonder if the lives that were damaged and souls that were lost could have been saved if I had just spoken up.